Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MISSING Aubrey Lee Price and $17 Million bank deposits - banker owner

So how does a person get up in the morning and then fake a suicide? And if a body is not is found, how do authorities prove it was a fake death? Well, the story goes that Mr. Price left behind a suicide note in which he admitted his evil deeds.
“I created false financial statements and defrauded investors, regulators, other work associates and bank employees,” Price wrote.
And then the suicide artiste went on to say that he planned on jumping off a ferry that was headed toward Fort Myers, Florida. But before he hopped over the rail of that ferry, or not, a complaint was issued against the missing Mr. Price by the US District Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.
The complaint alleges that Aubrey Lee Price bought a controlling interest in a southern Georgia bank through a sham outfit he set up, PFG LLC. This move gave him access to investors’ accounts where he then fraudulently wired bank funds to accounts he controlled at other financial firms. He then tried to cover his tracks by providing bank management with bogus documents to make it look like he invested the loot in Treasuries. Since his note was found the U.S. Coast Guard has yet to turn up a body, and authorities believe it was bogus.


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